Gourmet Food Lab specializes in assessing and fully customizing an organization’s food program.  We firmly believe that our particular expertise creates consistent results where the food quality increases; food costs decrease; and menu choices include something for everyone.

Food Service is ideal for: corporations, schools, colleges, hospitals, businesses, youth groups, afterschool programs, nursing homes, and more! Our culinary team members are passionate about creating healthy, flavorful meals from scratch. We are able to deliver meal choices with dietary needs in mind, including: gluten free, lactose intolerance, low-sodium, diabetic, vegan, and kosher.

We Make Great Food Taste AMAZING

With GFL Food Service, diners can expect a variety of delicious, nutritious foods from our hot and cold buffets, with hot entrees, salad bar, desserts, and more! We never use any processed ingredients, so our food is fresh and delicious every time! We firmly believe in promoting healthy eating and supporting local agriculture, so our food will always leave you feeling good! Whether we are serving children in schools, adults in the workforce, or older friends in senior living facilities, everyone deserves healthy, fresh, great-tasting food, and that is the GFL Food Service guarantee. Contact Us today to learn how our Food Service Options can meet your needs.

Our Main Ingredient

May be it will sound corny, may be a little out of place here.  But we feel compelled to tell you.  There is one ingredient that we believe is key.  We don’t use it sparingly.  It’s gently added to the egg whites in your soufflé, baked in the breads that we bake daily, tucked inside a cannoli and folded into the pasta layers in your lasagna.  You know what it is, you feel it, you taste it.  It’s LOVE!!!  We simply love what we do and we love the food itself.  You will swear it contagious!!!